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01 . About Us
I founded Khanna Connections as an extension of myself- an ambitious creative who desires the growth and expansion for those I’m connected with.

We want your success as much as we want our own. We are fluent in the medical, health, wellness, and social equity spaces and our media partners recognize us for delivering high-quality experts. It’s an honor to be trusted with our client’s brands and life’s work, and that’s something we do not take lightly. Because you’ve put your trust in us, you get the promise of a hardworking, creative, experienced team backing your brand and the connections we’ve cultivated along the way. We are strong, strategic, and savvy. And because we are infused into our community and the industry, our clients become the recipients of our omnipresence.

We are your public relations, communications, and media marketing powerhouses that maintain a strong presence in the media because we are the media. Khanna Connections is the editor-in-chief of a first-of-its-kind publication. We also publish content for local and national sources and opened the first content creation studio in Wellington, Florida. Because we like to “prove it,” we keep our social media current with our client’s placements. Please visit our dynamic living portfolio of local, national and international placements here

02 . Inspiration
I saw so many opportunities for businesses to communicate better who they are, what they do and their true value. However, the opportunities weren’t leveraged, or their efforts were aimed at the wrong audience.
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03 . Why Choose Us

The Khanna Connections brand does not just execute competent services; it’s an extension of Julie Khanna. It’s a promise to be available throughout the scope of any services, provide you with the latest in industry standards, and act in fervent enthusiasm to seek opportunities for all our clients.
For over a decade, we have been the trusted choice for physicians, healthcare administrators, media outlets, non-profits, social equity advocates, and the health and wellness spaces. We are as dynamic as our client’s needs. Khanna Connections assists your company in getting the attention of your audience through a myriad of modalities: social media, media, videography, messaging, websites, branding, influencer marketing, and more!

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