Two Local Medical Moms Lead the Community in Fitness, Health and Nutrition Throughout the COVID Crisis

Two Local Medical Moms Lead the Community in Fitness, Health and Nutrition Throughout the COVID Crisis

Boynton Beach – JUNE, 2020

By Julie Khanna

Two local medical mothers in Boynton Beach are leading the community in health, wellness, and nutrition through the COVID-19 crisis.

“I started the CovidFit Facebook page in March during quarantine to motivate myself and others with at-home workouts, personal achievements, healthy recipes, and other stay-at-home tips,” said Annie Harring, a doctor of pharmacy and assistant professor of pharmacy at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Annie started the page with a few close friends and family, including her husband and daughters in mind, but it quickly grew in size and recently passed 1,400 members. New posts are added daily with members sharing their own workouts, family fitness routines, healthy recipes, and fitness challenges. Members participate in 30 day plank challenges, burpee challenges, posting a picture of their workout challenges, and more.

Now the fitness challenges are incentivized. CovidFit partnered with Doctor Daxa Patel, owner of soon to be opened Bahia Bowls, and an Ob/Gyn practicing in South Florida for over 20 years. “As a physician, I was looking for a healthy concept that would appeal to everyone. The Bahia Bowls menu offers choices that are nutritious and delicious, gluten and dairy free.  The bowls and smoothies provide amazing flavor and loads of energy that promote a healthy lifestyle,” said Daxa.

In the U.S., acai berries are not available as a whole fruit, but as a puree. An acai bowl is thick, like a smoothie, and toppings such as granola, fruits, and honey are added and it’s eaten with a spoon.

CovidFit members and contest participants now have the chance to win free acai bowls from Bahia Bowls. “Açaí bowls are a delicious and nutritious post-workout, or anytime, snack. Adding fresh fruit and other healthy options allows for variety and individual taste preferences,” said Annie.

“Making positive changes such as incorporating fitness, and eating well, is more important now than ever given the COVID-19 pandemic. It boosts healthy immunity and reduces stress-something we could all benefit from amidst these trying times,” said Daxa, a Wellington resident and mother of two.

The page is not just for those experienced with fitness and healthy living. “Hi! I just want you all to know that I’ve exercised almost daily since joining this group. I also learned how impactful it is on my stress level. Thank you,” posted one member.

Providing the community with health, wellness, and acai support during the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t the only accomplishment the group boasts. CovidFit shirts, designed by Annie’s niece, raised enough money from proceeds to donate over $1,000 to the Best Foot Forward Foundation- an organization with a COVID-19 Relief Fund for foster children.

Anyone is allowed to join the group. There are no participation requirements or fees.

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